If you are applying to roles at Columbia University you can create your Interfolio dossier account for free.

No, you can set up a dossier account in a matter of minutes.

Dossier accounts will never expire.


Yes, you may update your application by logging back into your dossier account. You will be able to edit your account until the search committee begins to review applications. 

If the position is still open, you can reactivate your withdrawn application. You will not be able to apply with an entirely new application.

At any time you can log into your dossier account and check the status of your application.

Yes, you may apply for as many positions as you like.


No. Please complete all requested information during application submission. If the search committee wants references at a later date they will specifically state when they want references.

Yes, please login to your dossier account to update/modify your references.

Generally, your application will specify the number of recommendation letters the search committee wants. Depending on the post settings, you may submit additional letters of recommendation but they are not necessary and may not be reviewed.

No. All references must be provided via a Word or Adobe PDF document.

Search Committee

The search committee will render a decision after a thorough review of all applicants in the pool, interviewing the best qualified candidates and reaching a consensus on the proposed selectee. There is no set timeline for a search committee to render a decision unless explicitly stated in the job posting.

Due to the volume of applications, we do not provide the contact information for the search committee chair. However, many searches will list a department contact in the posting that you can contact with questions or you can submit a question or comment via the Contact Us web form.