Evaluators (Search Committee Members)

Logging into Your Account

Go to https://account.interfolio.com/login  Select Partner Institution [Columbia University in the City of New York]. This will bring you to the standard SSO page, sign in with your UNI and your password. If you cannot access the page please reach out to your committee manager (department administrator) for assistance.

EOAA Policy Specific

No, as a part of the application process when applicants fill out the voluntary disclosure form they are notified that individual level data will not be available to the hiring committee. The Unit Administrator or Committee Manager will be able to provide you with aggregate EEO data as long as there are at least five applicants in the pool.

No, search committee members are barred from writing letters of recommendation for applicants in the pool.

ASR Specific

The committee manager, unit administrator and system administrator.

These are private to you and cannot be seen in ASR screens. Please keep in mind that annotations are discoverable.


Yes, let your committee manager (department administrator) know what additional information you would like from your shortlisted candidates. They can reach out to shortlisted candidates via email from within ASR. Be mindful to request the same information from each candidate.

Tags are only to be used to designate the Diversity Advocate.

Training Opportunities

Yes, please contact your committee manager or search the ELM learning catalog for “Academic Search and Recruiting - Evaluator Training.”  The training is approximately twenty-five minutes.