What We Do

Policies & Procedures:

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) works to prevent and respond to discrimination and harassment by developing and implementing policies and procedures that address discrimination, harassment, gender-based misconduct, permitted and prohibited relationships, the duty to report and the duty to act, in accordance with relevant federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws.

Consulting & Educational Programs:

EOAA consults with departments, programs, and individuals across the University to help navigate the challenges of discrimination and harassment. Our educational efforts are focused on educating individuals and groups about EOAA policies and conduct that is expected and prohibited under University policies and laws concerning discrimination and harassment. We assist individuals and departments with identifying structural strategies to address bias and discrimination.

Advancing Affirmative Action:

EOAA collaborates with departments and programs to achieve the University-wide goal of attracting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff across all our schools. We assist departments with creating hiring plans that acknowledge and account for organizational and structural bias; provide tools to search committees, including department demographic data and candidate pool availability; offer support for applicant evaluation and interview metrics; and work with departments to help build and develop candidate pipelines.

Responding to Reports:

EOAA receives and responds to allegations of discrimination, harassment, and other policy violations.